Meg makes her mark


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Since joining MinRes in June 2020 Meg has grown her career, making her mark in our Heritage team.

With a background in Anthropology, Meg joined our team in the role of Heritage Advisor, before quickly moving up the ranks into a Senior Heritage Advisor role.

From her first interactions with the MinRes team before deciding to join us last year, Meg was impressed.

"I saw that there was genuine intent to do positive things with MinRes' engagement with Aboriginal people and to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people", she said.

The chance to be part of building an effective Heritage team in the resources industry from the start proved to be the next exciting step in Meg’s career.

“We’re building things from the ground up, and there’s a lot of learning in that too”, she said.

As part of our Heritage team, Meg gives advice to the business about Aboriginal Heritage legal compliance, ensuring we meet our obligations under our agreements with Traditional Owners. In typical MinRes style, Meg’s workday is dynamic, varied, and exciting.

One day she could be conducting Aboriginal heritage surveys in the field – walking the proposed development area with Aboriginal people to make sure there are no heritage sites. The next, leading engagement with Traditional Owners where there is native title and obtaining their feedback on our proposed projects.

No day is ever the same.

Having autonomy and support for her ideas puts Meg in position to do what she does best.

“What I like most is the people and sense of comradery. Our people are committed to getting good outcomes, and there’s genuine commitment to getting things done the right way, plus we have an awesome team”, she said.

Join our growing Heritage team

As our business continues to go from strength to strength, with significant projects on the horizon across a range of commodities, this presents rare opportunities to achieve meaningful results and contribute to lasting change as part of our growing Heritage team.

Here at MinRes, you don’t get lost in layers of people, your time with us is an opportunity to capitalise on the skills and talent that you’ve been cultivating, in an environment where you’ll be given the trust to do so.

Work to your strengths, own projects, create best practice, and deliver results.

Check out the opportunities in our growing Heritage team.