Merryln fulfils a dream 


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With her sights firmly set on a goal of working as a geologist, nothing was going to stand in the way for graduate Merryln. Persistence and determination to succeed has seen Merryln move across the other side of the Indian Ocean and support herself through post-graduate study to finally fulfil her dream of a career in geology.

After completing her undergraduate degree in her homeland of South Africa, Merryln made the move to Australia. Committed to achieving her goal, she spent two years working and saving hard in Alice Springs while she waited to receive Permanent Residency status which would allow her to undertake further study.

Her two years spent in Alice Springs allowed time to adjust to the Australian culture and enough savings to support her move to Perth where she completed her Masters in Environmental Science at the University of Western Australia.

With a masters degree and valuable work experience as an environmental field technician, Merryln is a highly experienced graduate. The variety and rotations offered in MinRes' Graduate Program held significant appeal for Merryln who’s hungry to learn and gain a broad foundation of geology in the Australian mining industry.

Merryln has had an exciting graduate program so far, rotating through MinRes' many sites and projects, including our Wonmunna and Bungaroo sites and spending time in our corporate office. Her exploration geology work has involved planning and creating exploration drilling programs, logging the geology and distinguishing the different minerals, collecting data and using that data to build models to inform MRL’s mine planning team.

This year, her second as part of MinRes' graduate program, she’ll undertake rotations in mine geology across a number of MinRes' sites, projects and commodities. From there she’ll have a solid understanding of where her strengths and interests lie, and where she wants to take her career.

“For now I want to continue learning and soaking up as much as I can so that I really master my craft”, she said.

Merryln’s optimism, drive and positive can-do attitude aligns with the energy at MinRes, which comes from a cohort of passionate employees. Our people are supported to achieve their personal goals while contributing to a larger transformation that goes far beyond the bottom line.

At MinRes, carving out a career that’s unique to your ambition is important to us, check out or graduate opportunities.