Steph steps up


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Steph credits a good work ethic and the right attitude for her impressive career success – at just 30 years old she’s a Production Supervisor overseeing up to 20 people per shift. 

A key member of our CSI team in the Pilbara, Steph first joined the mining industry at 18 with no experience, having previously worked in retail. 

She got her start as a trainee dump truck operator before progressing up the ranks to her current role, which sees her training and motivating her team as they work together to deliver against targets. Most importantly, she makes sure they all go home safely. 

Steph admits she had feelings of uncertainty back in 2010 on her first day in a mining role. With 500 people on-site, she was one of only 10 females. But, it didn’t take long for her mindset to shift – initial apprehension made way to ambition and a motivation to succeed. 

Steph says it’s possible for everyone to do well with the right attitude. 

“I’ve worked hard to prove that it’s possible for anyone to be successful in mining; a good work ethic really helps if you want to go places,” she says. 

“Some people may be concerned that they don’t have the strength, but the reality is we have the tools to do the work; what’s more important is bringing the right attitude and being open-minded to the experience.” 

The training, support, incentives and camaraderie within MinRes have kept Steph with the business for the past three years, with her eye firmly on a more senior role in the future. 

“MinRes has been great in supporting my career journey,” she says. 

“I’ve had many training opportunities, including leadership development programs, which keeps the work interesting and I work with a great bunch of people.” 

“All my colleagues have been very supportive.” 

Her advice to anyone considering joining the industry? 

“There are so many opportunities and career paths available - if something comes your way, give it a go and don’t fear failure.” 

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