Our new state-of-the-art headquarters

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Our new headquarters in Osborne Park sets the standards for health and wellbeing, with a Platinum WELL v2 rating. This means that the design incorporates features that enhance occupants’ mood, nutrition, fitness and work patterns, as well as deploying a range of energy saving measures. We understand that the wellbeing of our team members is influenced by the quality of their working and living spaces, and the role that workplace design plays in the health and wellness of our people has never been more evident. Our aim is to revolutionise what “working space” means for everyone who works with us at MinRes, enhancing both their physical and mental health by creating a safer, healthier, creative environment that enriches and reinforces the connection we all have to each other.

The best food you'll ever have 

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Whether a fully-fledged foodie or someone who just doesn’t like to cook, our upmarket restaurant and casual-dining café will amaze and excite. Benny’s restaurant will offer a mouth-watering a la carte selection including breakfast, Asian wok, Western Grill, Pasta & Seafood, and New York salad bar. Those in a hurry can make the most of the grab ‘n go section, with sushi, sandwiches and dessert. Alba café will offer a fresh approach to all things coffee and food. Whether it’s a healthy breakfast of chia pudding or granola, a fresh baked pastry at morning tea or a sausage roll or nourish bowl for lunch, the café will be your go-to for casual dining. All food and drinks will be heavily subsidised for staff and family members, available to order via our MinRes App. 

No more than 25% sugar in food dishes.

Limit of 25g sugar in juice and beverages.

Grain flour minimum 50% wholegrain.

All food served will include nutritional info.

Taking fitness to the next level

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The aesthetics, range and quality of equipment in our 800 sqm fitness centre will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Appropriately named Next Level, it will offer an extensive selection of equipment including a full range of pin loaded and free weights and a Signature Series 5 Stack Tower Multi-Jungle. A carefully chosen selection of cardio equipment includes Peleton bikes, treadmills, air treadmills, cross trainers, powermill stair climbers, rowers and air bikes. Functional fitness equipment includes battle ropes, kettlebells, a sled track and a sled, plyo boxes and more. A range of instructed classes and on-demand virtual classes will also be available. Get ready to build your fitness like never before!

Cutting edge technology

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The technology experience will be world-class, from ordering food and drinks while on the go, curved 49 inch Samsung computer monitors at every employee workstation, to the high-tech meeting rooms that will revolutionise collaboration. The new MyMinRes app will transform the way you go about your day before you even leave the house, giving you access to order your morning coffee, see unreserved parking bay availability, book a gym class, order your lunch, book meeting rooms and more. Hands-on support for all hardware and software will be provided by our in-house tech bar. 

State-of-the-art end of trip facilities

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Whether you prefer to cycle, run or walk to work, state-of-the-art end-of-trip facilities will be available, including bike racks, lockers, towels, hairdryers and washing facilities, making riding, walking or running to work a breeze. Charge your electric bike or scooter while you work and store your bike in a secure locked area. If you’re thinking about a new car, maybe it’s time to ‘go electric’ as our new headquarters have free electric car charging stations available. There’ll be ample on-site parking with 500+ reserved and unreserved car bays with real-time car bay availability viewed on the MyMinRes app.

500+ car bays

16 motorcycle bays

15 electric vehicle chargers

77 bike racks

25 end-of-trip/ gym changerooms 

380 lockers across ground floor and gym

Where art and work collide

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Our new home will be unlike any other workplace in Australia, sure, there’ll be dining options, an extensive gym and wellness facilities, but have you ever worked in a building that has its own art gallery? Walters Drive will host the ‘Collaborative Works Collection,’ an exhibition celebrating Australia’s rich and diverse multi-cultural society. The art is the result of a unique community collaboration between Aboriginal artists Aaron Hayden, Edwin Lee Mulligan, Rebecca Morgan, Nathan Mundraby and Rory Charles, and photographer Russell James. Together, they have created a collection of works that speak to social responsibility, environment, culture and our shared space. The original works will be a daily reminder of the importance of partnership, community and mutual respect. In time, the exhibition will be open to the public.

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